Vitamin D

When I think of vitamin D for me all that comes to mind is milk and sunshine. I’m sure the majority of us can relate.

Growing up our parents/ guardian even school told us to drink lots of milk for healthy bones.  I honestly didn’t think it was possible to get vitamin D any other way. 

Well let me tell you, you definitely can. 

As most of us are currently spending a lot of time in doors, it’s never been more important to dose up on some vitamin D. It is very vital as it can help support our immune system and support strong and healthy bones.  It also helps regulate calcium and phosphorus in our body. 

A lack of vitamin D can lead to weak bones.

Let’s talk about the different types of vitamin D.

There are 2 types 

  1. Vitamin D2: This is the one which is is made by plants, wild mushrooms and those grown under a UV light being the best source of this type. 
  2. Vitamin D3: This is the type made by our skin when we’re exposed to enough sunlight. Animals products like fish, meat, eggs and dairy as well as a vegan-friendly fungus called lichen also naturally contain this type of vitamin D. 

Different Ways to get Vitamin D


Generally it is recommended that we should try to expose our skin to sunlight for an average of 10 mins a day and 30 mins plus  for those of us with darker skin.   According to the NHS website, people from the Afro Caribbean, south Asian background or if you generally don’t expose your skin to the sun for religious or whatever reasons need to take supplements all year round. 


In the UK it is a little difficult to expose our skin to the sun, as we don’t have an all year round sunny weather.  Therefore it is very vital to take supplement. There  are loads of vitamin D supplements you can take including  vegan/ plant-based options. Most of these supplements be purchase on offer.  Also a lot of supermarkets and pharmacies like Tesco, Asda, Holland and Barretts and Boots have their own brand which are quite cost-effective. 


Foods Naturally Rich in Vitamin D are 

• oily fish – such as salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel

  • red meat especially liver 
  • liver
  • egg yolks
  • fortified foods – such as most fat spreads and some breakfast cereals like Kellogg’s Cornflakes, ready brek, Rice Krispies etc..

As Holidays abroad may not be happening for most of us this year. Remember we  can spend time sunbathing in your garden, balcony, local park or just by standing outside your front door for a few minutes a day.

However, you decide to get your vitamin D we do hope that this has been enlightening. Make sure you enjoy some sunshine this summer, we all deserve it ?

Advice is for info only and shouldn’t replace medical care. Please always check with your medical professionals before taking any supplements.