Our Top 10 Side Hustles ( A few tried and tested)

If you’ve got spare time and are looking for ways to make little extra coins, check out these 10 side hustles.

Most of these are probably within your reach as you don’t even need to learn new skills to get started. 

  1. Teach Digitally: 

    There are  so many courses you can teach online that requires very little time. Anything from between a 1-3 hours a day. Online tutoring for most primary school kids requires you to have just GCSE. Also If you’re fluent in any other language you can teach online via Skype, zoom etc…. you can also the keep technology cost down by taking advantage of an hour free zoom service…      

  2. Prepared Meal/ Personal Chef:  

    Are there any specials meals that your friends and family enjoy when you cook or that you know it’s the bomb when you make it? You can make some money cooking for others too. Just get your friends and family to tell a friend to tell a friend and before you know it, you have loads of clients. For example one of my mates make the the best lasagne, I just get her to make a month supply for me and I freeze them. You can make anything between £100-£500 a month just by having anything between 2-10 clients.

  3. Delivery Driver:

    There’re loads of companies that are always looking for delivery drivers, like amazon, parcel connect.uk, task rabbit, yodel etc.. a lot of these are zero contract hours too, you can do this around your other commitments. Most do require you to have your own car and no more than 3 points on your licence.  Also they do require you to have at least 2-3 hours a week commitment from you.

  4. Social Media Manager/ Content Creator: 

    If you are always on social media, why not make some coins doing so. A lot of small businesses need someone to help the manager and create contents for their social media platform. You can earn anything from as little as £50 l to £500 depending on your clients budget. Even some influencers are constantly looking for someone trustworthy to help run their accounts from time to time. Contact a few of your faves, you never know who’s looking. 

  5. Virtual Assistant: 

    This is also another service you can offer to small businesses. Majority of small businesses don’t have a huge budget and most are always looking for someone to help manage their day to day activities. Duties include but are not limited to checking emails, managing their schedules, helping organise appointments etc.. if you are a very organised person this may just be for you. This can be done from the comfort of your own home. You can agree on times. 

  6. Cleaning Service: 

    These days a lot of us don’t have spare time as we are constantly on the go. If you enjoy cleaning you can earn some income by doing this for others. House cleaners can make about £15 per hour and most offer their service for a minimum of 2 hours. Our cleaner was recommended by a friend, we’ve also recommended her to a few other families too.  There’s definitely demands out there.

  7. Mobile Car Wash Service: 

    For real, I didn’t think this was a thing for a long time, until I saw my neighbour get their car washed one day. We got chatting, got the guy’s number and he’s been washing my car at least once a month for a while now. He charges £20 and comes down to our area every last Saturday of the month. He manages to clean quite a few other cars too.

  8. Sell Items on eBay/ Facebook Market Place:

    This I personally feel like it’s one of the easier ways to make spare income. Yes yes, I know eBay charges all these extra fees etc.. You can sell all your unwanted stuff new and used. If you’re selling used items make sure you are completely honest about any faults as this will save you time and money.  I also used to buy things on sale especially hugely discounted stuff and then resale them on eBay for much more. It’s very easy to sell household stuff on Facebook Market Place I find.  On separate occasions that i have listed on Facebook market place, my items were sold straightaway. Plus its cash in hand too so no extra charges, unlike eBay. Not everyone likes the idea of strangers coming to their home so that’s a point to keep in mind.

  9. Wig Cleaning/ Styling Service: 

    This is one service that you can make good money from. Wigs cost £200+ and I don’t know anyone of my friends and family that actually enjoy washing their wigs. I can speak for myself for sure, I hate all the washing and styling wig malarkey, I don’t have the time or patience. Not for everyone, however, if you have the time then definitely add this to your side hustle. I do pay people to wash and style my wigs. You can earn anything between £40-£50 + per wig offering this service.

  10. Mobile Hairdresser:

    If you’re a hairdresser, you can make extra income by being mobile and you don’t need new set of skills. Or if  you can generally cornrow, braid hair etc.. you can make serious money. You don’t need a website, just set  up a social media account, post pics of your work and offer to travel down to peoples home (make sure to charge additional travel fee). Get your clients to recommend you to their friends and family. Also, get them to write reviews about you. You can make anything between £20 – £100+ per customer doing this.    

If you have any suggestions please share in the comment box, you know what they say sharing is caring.