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Parents Discover Teen Son’s Horrifying Secret

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Parents Discover Teen Son’s Horrifying Secret



In 2021, Brian Cohee was apprehended by law enforcement following the discovery of the remains of Warren Barnes, aged 69. This gruesome incident, involving the then 19-year-old Cohee, initiated a local investigation and is chronicled in the true-crime documentary titled “Parents Discover Teen Son’s Horrifying Secret,” available on the YouTube channel EXPLORE WITH US.

The appalling crime committed by Cohee involved the decapitation, dismemberment, and mutilation of Mr. Barnes’ body. Shockingly, Cohee brought some of the body parts to his residence, where they were stumbled upon by his mother. During a frantic 911 call, Cohee’s mother revealed her son’s “fascination with the morbid.”

Cohee’s mother, Terri, made a chilling discovery of Mr. Barnes’ decomposing hands concealed in a separate plastic bag within Cohee’s wardrobe. Cohee made a futile attempt to dispose of the remaining body parts by placing them in his car trunk and endeavoring to sink the vehicle into the Colorado River. The documentary features police dashcam footage capturing the moment authorities descended upon the Cohee household.

During the subsequent police interrogation at his residence, Cohee confessed calmly, acknowledging the grisly items found in his room, including a human head and hands belonging to the missing man, stating matter-of-factly, “I killed him with a knife.”

Further probing by officers revealed Cohee’s curiosity about committing murder, stating, “I always wondered what it would feel like to commit murder.”

Parents Discover Teen Son's Horrifying Secret

In a harrowing recollection during a police interview, Terri recounted the moment she stumbled upon Barnes’ severed head in her son’s closet, describing her shock and immediate call to her husband.

Cohee’s parents, acknowledging their son’s unsettling fixation with death and mortality, dialed 911 to report the disturbing discovery.

Cohee admitted to using a kitchen knife to end Barnes’ life, revealing his contemplation of such an act for six months prior. He expressed intent to target a homeless individual or a prostitute, believing their absence would likely go unnoticed.

In another segment of the documentary, Cohee chillingly recounted the details of his crime to investigators, displaying no hint of emotion or remorse.

Despite pleading insanity, Cohee received a sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole after being found guilty of first-degree murder.


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