1. Payment for sponsored post/s must be made in full before the post goes live on our platform
  2. Bulk promo booking payments must be made in full before or on the day the first promo is due to go live.
  3. We offer bulk of 3, 5 and 10 package deals at a time.
  4. Bulk promo package deals are valid for a period of 3 months from the date the 1st promo is done and must be used up within this time scale.
  5. Bulk promos are non refundable if not used up within the 3 months time scale.
  6. At least 48 hours notice must be given for any changes or cancelations of reserved promo slot. If changes are made without 48 hours notice you may incur a penalty / cancellation charge.
  7. Hackney’s Finest does not provide Content and captions for a sponsored post, this is the clients responsibility. We can however recommend partners to assist with this if you require this service, for a competitive price.
  8. Sponsored post reserved slots are not guaranteed until payment has been made.
  9. HF reserves the right to refuse / edit a content/s or caption/s if it’s not in line with our guidelines.
  10. It is your responsibility as a client to make sure that the content provided has been checked for copyright.  In the event that a post has been made on our platform and is removed by Instagram, we can offer to re-post another content within 2 hour for a charge of £50 where there’s a slot available.
  11. Hackney’s Finest can not be held responsible if a sponsored post fails to generate any sales/income.
  12. We reserve the right to change a promo slot if necessary as a result of short notice sponsored post, cancellations or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.
  13. Please note that our advertisement slots fill very quickly. Estimated availability window is based on communication at the time that each message is sent. We recommend reserving slot/s at least a week or two in advance to avoid disappointment.