10 Easy Ways To Save Money.

It’s always a good idea to get your finances right and even better to make sure you’re saving money wherever possible.

After all they say look after the pennies and the pounds would take care of themselves right? …  

Here are some tips on ways to save money over time. 

  1. Standing Order: Set up a standing order to a savings account ideally the same day as you get paid and aim to save at least 20% of your wages. if it seems a bit tight do it anyway, you will find that you may be able to work with what you have left each week/ month. Your aim should be to build emergency funds or to save for something big like buying a house. My grandma would say to me to always save for rainy days and that’s especially true now more than ever.  I do recommend that you should aim to set aside about a year’s worth of living expenses.

    image from Natwest.com

  2. Keep A Record: Try and keep a record of your spendings. Not everyone is good with excel I get it however there are now loads of budget apps like yolt these days that help you keep track of your spendings. You wouldn’t believe how little things adds up and how much you are able to save by doing this.
  3. Quality: Think quality, not quantity when buying things that way they are likely to last longer and you wouldn’t have the need to replace them which ends up costing so much more in the long-run anyway.
  4. Pension:  If your employer offers extra on saving towards your pension scheme, take advantage of it. Save some money, your older self will thank you later.
  5. Avoid Debt: Try to avoid getting into debt. If you’ve any outstanding debts, start by paying off the most expensive debt first before you consider saving. There’s no point paying so much interest on outstanding debt whilst also saving.  If you have multiple credit cards, look out for offers on balance transfers and take advantage of them. This will save you tons of money over time. You may even be able to make some coins in the process. 
  6. Shop Around: Don’t be loyal to service providers I.e gas, electricity, broadband etc… Always shop around yearly. Again you wouldn’t believe how much money you can save by switching providers. You can use comparison websites like compare the market, Uswitch to see what deals are out there. 
  7. Switch Current Accounts: Switch current accounts if your bank doesn’t have your back… Banks like first direct and some other major high street banks often offer incentives when you switch to their current account and it’s pretty straight forward to switch too, they do all the work for you.
  8. Gym Membership: If you don’t use your gym membership often, cancel it.   A lot of workouts can be done at home. This quarantine situation has definitely proven that!. Take advantage of YouTube there are loads of exercise contents on there, you are bound to find one that works for you. 
  9. Grocery List: Plan your grocery shopping in advance by writting out a list beforehand. It helps you stick to your budget. Also don’t be afraid to check out deals in different supermarkets too.
  10. Clothes Swap: Lastly, there are a lot of apps out there like Depop where you can sell quality worn clothes and get good money for them. If you are the type that buys new clothes for every occasion then this is for you. It’s amazing how much money you can save doing this.

Hope this helps, let us know in the comment section your tips for saving money.